Muscle Building Techniques To Get Quick Results

It might be true that body weight is influenced by genetic predisposition of a person. It does not mean there is nothing you can do about it though. Being beaten up when you are skinny is not funny especially if the opponent is more muscular. In addition, reading too many articles on weight loss can change your attitude towards gaining weight. Different men have varied drives towards bulking up. You do not have to spend a fortune to achieve this. Follow the principles listed below for a successful muscle building process.

a) Maximize on muscle building

The more the proteins stored in the body the larger the muscles will become. Protein synthesis is the process, which leads to storage of proteins. However, they are quickly used up because they are needed in many metabolic processes.

The breakdown of proteins for use in the body leaves it deprived of muscle resources. To ensure this does not happen, you need to consume more proteins than the body needs.

b) Meat

You should take plenty of meat. The recommended level is one gram for every pound of body weight. However, ensure you are consuming the right kind of proteins. Lean meat and nuts contain healthy proteins. To make it simple, consume the polyunsaturated ones because they are easy to burn down. Using calorie measures when planning your meals is helpful. After calculating the proteins you need, the rest of the calories should be split on equal basis between fats and carbohydrates.

c) Take enough nutrients

Besides proteins, there are other nutrients, which are needed for the body to function well. There are a number of formula, which can be employed in determining the exact number of calories you need in a day. Look them up on the Internet or consult your nutritionist for the calculations. You should review the results in about 2 weeks. If there is no positive change then revise the amounts upwards. – read more about legalized steroids.

d) Work on your bulkiest muscles

If you had not been following a regular workout schedule before, any kind of exercise is enough to increase the level of protein synthesis in the body. However, those who have been lifting weights for a considerable period will build more muscles in a shorter period if the bulky ones are given more attention. The large muscles are located in the leg, chest and back.

Do dead-lifts, squats, pull-up, bench presses, military presses and dips. You should do 2 or 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions with 60 seconds of rest before proceeding to the next one.

e) Take smoothies

You should replenish you energy before you start working out. Make a smoothie or shake that has equal amounts of carbohydrates and amino acids before you start the training session. Exercising increases the amount of blood flowing into the working tissue. Therefore, the uptake of amino acids will be more when you have taken a drink rich in them. Whey protein powder will supply you with enough proteins for the drink. You can take protein sandwiches if you are not up for the idea of taking proteins in drinks. However, when in liquid form, proteins are absorbed faster.

d) Lift every other day

You should have a one day rest before the next lift. Your muscles grow better when you are resting. Increased protein synthesis takes place in 48 hours. In addition, you will be well rested for the next day. Nothing less, do not forget to warm up before the start of the next session to avoid torn muscles. Do not just keep pushing in order to gain more. Doing too much does not necessarily translate to better results.