Tips For Muscle Building

For men and women, a goal of exercise can be to build muscle. As many have probably experienced, building muscle is no easy feat. However, there are many useful tips that can help you build muscle.

1. Be Patient

Before putting any other tips to use, you must accept that muscle building is a long-term process. Do not become frustrated with how long it can take, and do not try to rush it. Rushing the process can result in injury or desperate measures you may later regret.

2. Consider Professional Help

It is not always necessary to find a trainer or nutritionist, but if you have struggled to put on muscle you may want to consider it. A professional can help you design a workout and eating plan that can maximize your muscle gain. If this is not an option, do adequate research to design your own plan. There are many ways to design a workout plan online. Additionally, other more experienced lifters at your gym may be able to help you design workouts and diet plans as well.

3.Know Your Body

Everyone can build muscle. But not everyone can naturally build the same amount of muscle in the same amount of time. Understand your “body type” so you can figure out what you need to do to put on muscle. Knowing your body will also help you figure out a realistic goal to make for muscle building. Do not become frustrated if you do not put on muscle the same as your lifting friends. Focus on yourself and what you need to do.

4. Balance Lifting and Cardio

Many people who attempt to build muscle make the mistake of doing NO cardio. If you want to build muscle, you likely want to be able to see the muscles. You need cardio to keep fat off, which helps muscle definition. Additionally, cardio can help you be able to do more in your lifts, because it maintains your heart’s health and your stamina. On the other hand, too much cardio will likely prevent you from bulking up too much, so it is important to balance lifting and cardio.

5. Build Strength

Lifting heavier weights is what will help you gain muscle. Doing many reps of lighter weights is traditionally used for toning, and will not help you build muscle. Also, try to select exercises that work multiple muscles at once. Make sure to add weight over time as well (but not too much too fast, or you will get hurt).

6. Recovery is Key

Weightlifting breaks muscles down, and they need recovery in order to increase in size and strength. If your muscles never recover, they will not grow and they will be likely to tear or rip. Make sure you do not work the same muscles everyday, and that you are maximizing your recovery each night. Sleep and nutrition are a major part of recovery, so really focus on getting enough sleep every night.

7. Protein

Protein is also part of recovery. You will need to increase your protein intake when trying to build muscle. Do this by selecting foods high in protein (eggs,meat, etc) and consider a post-workout protein shake. However, make sure you still get enough carbs and fat as well.

8. Be Consistent

As with most things, you will not see results unless you put in consistent work. This is why having a plan is so important. Make sure you stick to a schedule of workouts and eating. You must consistently put in work, but you must also consistently recovery in order to build muscle.

These tips are some of the most basic, but important, for muscle building. Make sure to do adequate research, or consult a professional, when designing a workout and eating plan for muscle building. You will be able to build muscle if you put in consistent work, but not everyone has the same potential. Be realistic and patient with your expectations.